Types of camping every adventurer should try!

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Types of camping every adventurer should try!

Who doesn’t love going out in the woods and having a refreshing time in nature and rustic surroundings? Well, if you are someone who always looks for new ways to add adventure and hues of nature to your vacations and outings, then you will agree on how perfect camping is for a lovely rejuvenating experience in nature. It brings you closer to the people you are traveling with. You can easily bond with them on a newer level by living in a camp together. And there are different ways and types of camping you can try as they will let you experiment with your love for nature. You can also augment your knowledge about this strikingly adventurous experience!

1. Tent Camping

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Tent camping is the most simple type of camping where you can head to a rustic countryside with tents and other equipment along with you. In this kind of camping, the best part is you can delve deep into the natural aura and spend time with your special ones. Furthermore, for tent camping, you must know how to pitch a tent and finding a good location for settling is also a key factor. Also, for pitching a tent, keep in mind that the ground is completely flat as a rocky one can be a problem. Moreover, you should also check the water flow if you are visiting the place during the rainy season. Make sure you take food and snacks along with the cooking equipment and you can also go for a bonfire night in the woods which will make the whole experience completely amazing!

2. Hiking and Camping

Types of camping

Hiking and Camping offers a thrilling adventure where you can trek or hike during the day and then choosing a good location, you can settle there at night. If you are craving a sporty vacation as well as camping, then this option is one of the best types of camping to go for! When it comes to India, there are several places where you can venture for camping and hiking including Manali, Leh Ladakh, Hampta Pass, amongst others. Further, for this option, it is better to go along with professionals as there are many camping ventures that provide proper arrangements for hiking and camping and you can easily join them in this adventure and enjoy your holidays in the serene hills!

3. Survivalist Camping

Types of camping

If you have reached more of a competitive level under your camping adventures and you have got several camping experiences, then Survivalist Camping is for you. This is called as the most extreme of all kinds, is the one to try! Survivalist camping has the element of being self-sufficient while you are camping and that’s what attracts many adventurers to it!

Basecamp and walk out are the two types of camping under Survivalist camping. For base camp, the travelers visit a campsite which is allotted to them. Here they have to stay for a fixed period of time, and they have to survive by searching for food in the forests, protecting themselves from wild animals and establishing a resting place. In Walk Out, an adventurer is sent to an unidentified place from where they have to find his/her way back to the city area or the place they originally come from. So, this type of camping is actually dangerous and highly risky for which there are many courses available which teach travelers to be self-sufficient and after completing those, you can venture into Survivalist Camping.

4. Canoes and Camping

Types of camping

Canoe camping is more of a water adventure as it combines normal camping with that of survivalist nature. So, you need to keep at least one person with you which will be a lot helpful in case of emergencies. In canoe camping, look for a waterside where you can spend time on a canoe and you also have to bring proper gears and it is also considered amazing for families too. Further, make sure to check the climate and weather conditions beforehand and rainfall can ruin the whole fun of canoe camping so try visiting during summers and springtime so that you can spend time fishing, swimming and floating amidst tranquil beautiful waters! This is one of the most exciting types of camping.

5. RV Camping

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RV Camping involves spending time amidst nature and you don’t need to pitch a tent and look for a tenting site but in this, you can bring an RV or Van which is availed with proper space and facilities. It is also one of the popular types of camping as you can easily travel as well as a stop at fine locations to rest for a while and continue the journey further. So, if you are even planning to travel for more than a weekend, RV Camping is actually a great idea to opt for! Also, before going for RV camping, make sure that RV van has proper facilities for cooking, inbuilt bathroom and comfy space to relax inside.

6. Ultralight Backpacking

Types of camping

As the name says, Ultralight Camping is about going for a camping adventure with as fewer things as possible and mostly the basic essentials. In this one of the coolest types of camping, a person carries a light backpack with the needed things and keeping it light in weight so that it is easy to carry all throughout one’s journey. The suggested weight for an ultralight backpack is around 12 to 28 pounds and the motto of this camping is to survive without luxuries and sustaining a simplistic travel and camping experience.

7. Bicycle Camping

Types of camping

Bicycle camping is exclusively for ardent travelers who don’t like camping at a fixed place and prefer traveling from one place to another and only resting after dark at a hotel or campsite. In this adventurous types of camping, you only need a good bicycle along with a backpack of basic necessities that will be required during your travel. Bicycle camping is gaining popularity as you can explore a lot of things in less time and enjoy camping time as well!

8. Glamping

This is one of the glamours types of camping. Glamping comes from blending glamour with camping and coming up with a camping experience in which you don’t have to look for food in woods and spend the raw rustic time with nature but you can easily book a villa or a resort to provide you with a striking camping time and all you have to do is relax and spend time with your special ones! Further, the best part about glamping is that it comes in wide variety because you can choose to stay at a treehouse, a resort or a grand villa!

9. Overlanding

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Overlanding is one of the amazing types of camping in which you can travel from one place to another mostly remote places as well as international destinations and you can complete your whole journey through a convenient travel vehicle. Also, the camping part here is during the night when you can locate a proper place where you can build a bonfire, cook food and rest in your vehicle or if you are traveling by bicycles and small vehicles, you can establish tents for the night stay.

10. Work Camping

Work camping is the ideal one for those who love camping as well as traveling because in this you have to volunteer for working at campsites where you have to make sure everything is available and accessible for the campers and this kind of camping is both full time and part-time. Moreover, you can also travel with your buddies and organize camps for other travelers by which you can earn, explore new sites and spend time in nature too!

11. Reenactment Camping

Types of camping

Reenactment Camping involves spectacle amidst the camping experience by introducing a wonderful atmosphere of any historical era to the camping site by recreating a historical event like American Civil War, Kargil War setup, amongst others. So, there will be fun tasks and activities in which you can take part in and bond with other campers plus refresh your mind away from the work stresses of daily life!

12. Trailer Camping

Trailer Camping is quite similar to RV Camping but this includes travel trailers that you can tow along with your vehicle and then stop at a good site to camp. Further, travel trailers are comfy and spacious with a fine room for activities. But travel camping can be cumbersome since carrying travel trailers along is quite a tiresome task so if you want to try trailer camping you need a good truck with which you can tow the travel trailers and then settle down at a nice camping site to relax!

13. Yurts

Bikamp at Leh Ladakh


If you are someone who’s bored with the same kind of tents to use for camping, Yurts are a fantastic option which you can utilize the next time you are going for a camping. These are round, spacious tents and although they don’t come under any exclusive camping type, you can replace your old-school tents with these roomy and beautiful yurts and they will add more fun to your camping time for sure!

14. Cabin or Lodges

In this camp type, you can easily book a cabin or lodge for yourself which will be in the woods and a lush green environment where you can rejuvenate your mind and soul. Here you don’t have to look for places to camp or cook food as most of the time all the amenities are availed in the cabins and lodges and all you have to do is explore the landscape and recharge your batteries!

15. Winter Camping

Types of camping

Winter camping is all about camping at a place during winters when you can build a tent amidst the shimmery snow and indulge in the wonderful atmosphere of winters! Further, you can also try winter adventures like snowboarding and skiing plus a warm bonfire in the snow will give a romantic touch to your adventure!

16. Dry Camping

Dry camping involves a camping experience where you can stay in complete wilderness and there is less or no access to water as well as many other facilities in this camping type. You can look for a river or water source nearby and survive by searching for food in the jungle. Also, this camping type can also include RV Vehicle which will give you the availability of some basic facilities in the rustic woods.

Hence, the essential thing about camping is to take time away from the hustle bustle of your daily life and go for a natural travel experience in a greener atmosphere away from the digital devices. So, no matter what type you select, camping will make you feel the adventurous element of it and you will come back refreshed and ready to take on life! Happy Camping!

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