A Refreshing Weekend at Aravallis

Bikamp Aravallis - Sariska National Park

 Weekend at Aravallis

My weekend’s story of the weekend at Aravallis starts like this…. I believe that winters are the perfect time to go on vacations especially if you are thinking of spending time amidst nature. Just a few days ago, I was sitting in my office cubicle busy spending hours on deadlines when it came to me that I really deserve a holiday just by myself away from the internet and especially work! I searched for some holiday packages online and came upon this amazing trip idea of camping in Aravalli Hills that are quite close to Delhi so it will require only a weekend to get my much-needed break. I arranged the whole camping plan and called up my best friend Anu asking her if she can accompany me and it turned out that she also needed a rejuvenating weekend this time!

Weekend at Aravallis

Day One

On the next Friday night, both of us were ready to spend the weekend at Aravallis with our backpacks reminding me of a nostalgic school trip we went to together. Anu’s worried brother offered his car to drop us to the camping site and while we got a little confused with the directions we ended up reaching the Bikamp Aravallis’ location by late night and the managers there served us with hot Maggi and soup which gave me the perfect winter feeling. We decided that we will explore the site the next day and choose a single tent to talk all night snuggled under our blankets. But as it turned out, my school best friend snored the whole night, while I tried my best to the side away and find a peaceful corner to sleep in!

Weekend at Aravallis

Day Two

I woke up in the morning listening to the chirping of birds and I decided to take a morning walk with my journal and some music. Coming back to my tent, I saw Anu all dressed and ready with her adventurous side! We ate a delicious filling breakfast and after arguing a lot on what to do today, we decided upon cycling all throughout the Aravallis and then spend the evening time relaxing and watching the sunset!

Now, it was time for cycling on this special weekend at Aravallis. The manager Mohan got us some cycles and gave us all the important instructions like a concerned mother and in the end, he took his card out saying that we can call him anytime in emergencies. With our helmets on and after taking selfies for the next half an hour, we were ready to cycle the day out!

Bikamp Aravallis - Sariska National Park

The cycling experience

Worries of losing directions again made me ask Mohan to come with us in the end. It was the time to start the journey throughout the jungles spotting birds, monkeys and a beautiful hilly landscape which actually inspired me to become a poet and settle down at this place once and for all!

After cycling for like two hours with little breaks, we stopped at what almost looked like the middle of the jungle and took our snacks out saving them from the roaming monkeys around. Then we went ahead talking about each other, laughing on our silly jokes and feeling the blissful aura of Aravallis!

As we came back to our tent by the evening, my legs were totally strained but I had such an amazing time with my best friend! We took two hot cups of ginger tea and sat in front of the stunning sunset talking about our school days and the fun we used to have!

Camping in Leh Ladakh Bonfire

The Barbeque

By the nighttime, a barbeque was being organized outside and Mohan told us to come here and taste the barbequed dishes. I love cooking while my BFF was terrible at it so I had to try our hands at the grill cooking patties. Anu, as usual, ate all of them. Then, we went for a bonfire and got to know the other travelers sitting around. The starry sky was perfect for some interesting games and I lost the track of time until midnight because we got too indulged in antakshris and of course telling ghost stories to turn by turn!

Finally, we all got up for dinner at the buffet installed by the campsite. I was glad to see a huge variety available from vegetarian food to the non-vegetarian section. I saw Anu with a greedy expression given that she’s a hardcore non-vegetarian! So, after eating so much food, we went back to our tents and fell asleep as soon as we reached our beds!

Bikamp Aravallis - Sariska National Park

Day Three

This weekend at Aravallis was full of adventurous experiences. The next day we planned hiking with the other travelers. I got up early in the morning only to catch the gorgeous sunrise and to try capturing it through my camera. Mohan again accompanied me to the best spot from where I can see the beauty of the hills and sun coming together and believe me it was lovely! After convincing Mohan to go back as I can come all by myself, I sat down amidst the chilly winds and the emerging sunlight to meditate for a while.

Hiking begins…

So, after half an hour, we were all prepared for a hike with our adrenaline jumping. Mohan divided us into groups with me and Anu competing against each other. We walked all the way through jungles and hillsides to reach the hiking stop at Aravallis and the fantastic view greeted us endearingly as we sat down together to have lunch and share some anecdotes to pass time.

Apparently, my best buddy won this hiking trip. I ignored my defeat as I was busy clicking pictures from the hill view! Coming back, I got a feeling that our trip has almost come to an end just like I felt when the summer holidays used to end during school days! I was wishing that this weekend at Aravallis should not end.

Time to say goodbye!

It was five in the evening then and we were again ready with our backpacks but this time to go back to our hectic work lives. Anu’s brother was back again to give us a lift. I felt happy and sad both at the same time as I promised to Mohan that I will refer this wonderful camping site to all of my colleagues.

Sariska - Bikamp Aravallis Camp

Just when we entered the car putting inside the bags and I looked back at the pretty sunset as if the landscape was concluding our last two days blending it with the beauty of nature. I said goodbye to the other travelers, I overlooked and thought what an amazing weekend it was! It was even better than the school trip as this time we were not kids and could enjoy more! I felt the healing side of nature so deeply this time that I would have ended up settling here if I had planned it for more than two days. This is the kind of temptation nature has for me!

Mesmerizing experience

Now, I’m remembering this travel endeavor I took a week ago and scrolling down the pictures, I can say that time spent on weekend at Aravallis made me a happier person fuelling me for some more months of grueling work schedules so that I can again excuse myself for a travel journey like this I had at Bikamp Aravallis!

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