18 Reasons why camping is good for you

Camping in Leh Ladakh

18 Reasons why camping is good for you

Why is Camping a real-time savior from the ever-increasing pollution of cities?

Our metropolitans are growing at a faster pace and there is higher technology to serve us. The mounting pollution index weather of air or water pollution is reaching high and it is becoming quite an obstacle to live a healthy life in cities. Are you aware of the hazards that come with this growing pollution in our cities especially the increasing smog happening in Delhi? Well, there are plenty of them that are enough to affect anyone’s health easily and impacting the lives of every city person. So, with the development and growth of urban areas, various types of pollution are finding their ways to affect humans.

Precarious effects of pollution impacting on the health of the people.

1. Respiratory issues

18 Reasons why camping is good for you

When you inhale polluted air, there are tons of harmful particles that get inside with every breath you take and this can be a cause of several respiratory problems. From asthma to lung problems, air pollution can also lead to respiratory inflammation. You may experience coughing and wheezing continuously. It is advised to get yourself examined by doctors and take proper steps to get rid of this problem. Due to smog in Delhi especially during the festival of Diwali, many people complained about the impact of air pollutants on their respiratory system.

2. Impact on the immune system

18 Reasons why camping is good for you

The toxic pollutants in air and water can actually cause a lot of harm to your immune system. It is making it difficult to secure your body from diseases. It is said that both air and water pollution can damage the immunity because of air & water pollution. This can make your body be exposed to more toxic particles weakening its resistance to health issues.

3. Hazardous for animals

18 Reasons why camping is good for you

Not only human beings, air, and water pollution also have their dangerous impacts on plants and other water sources which when used by animals can actually be hazardous to their health. Even noise pollution can be harmful to the innocent animals. Further, the poison can transfer from animals to human beings through the food chain and eventually can be incredibly perilous to human health.

4. Heart problems

18 Reasons why camping is good for you

Higher levels of noise and air pollution can also be the reasons behind heart diseases. Moreover, with high pollutants present in the air one breathes, this can lead be risky for those living with problematic heart conditions. That’s why fresh air and peaceful, less noisy areas are recommended to them by doctors.

5. Diseases from polluted water

18 Reasons why camping is good for you

Polluted water has many perilous elements in it and it happens in many rural areas where contaminated water supply results in many health issues. This water pollution actually arises from industrial waste flown into the water. Sewer hazards can pollute water sources and acid rain can also be one of the reasons. Further, polluted water also has higher levels of mercury in it along with other metals and lead. These are even more harmful than air pollution. Because of these perilous characteristics of water pollution, there are many diseases that one can come in contact with. These diseases include damage to the nervous system, harm to reproductive organs. Alzheimer’s, heart diseases, cancer and Parkinson’s disease amongst other hazardous ones.

6. Skin problems

Skin issues are another harm that pollution can cause because of contaminated water. It can result in rashes on the skin while air pollution can damage the skin cells. It can lead to more skin issues for those in constant contact with air and water pollution.

7. Damage to the reproductive system

18 Reasons why camping is good for you

The caustic elements that inhabit the atmosphere affected by air pollution can also be problematic for one’s reproductive system. They can cause a major impact on reproductive organs and this can be a perilous issue for both men and women. Further, when drinking water is itself filled with harmful elements, it can also damage the reproductive parts.

So, pollution in all its forms is having dangerous effects on humans that are going to haunt everyone for years ahead. There are tons of solutions provided by professionals on how one can minimize the hazards of pollution on their health. It includes planting more trees, using public transports, going for respiratory masks in areas distressed by air pollution, etc.

Camping is a great alternative to head right into the lap of nature and spending a few days amidst lush green surroundings that will help you cope with the dangers of pollutions even if it is for some days. So, to know more about how camping can be impactful in taking you away from the choking pollution of cities, read on to find why camping is a real-time savior from the rapidly harsh types of pollution hovering over the lives of human beings these days!

Impact of camping to stay healthy

8. Higher Oxygen and its positive effect on the respiratory system

It is more of an established fact that camping is done in a plush open space where you will have fresh air to breath in and getting away from the unsafe air of the increasingly polluted cities. This fresh oxygen coming from the trees has a good impact on one’s respiratory system. The human body releases a hormone known as serotonin during camping and staying in nature. This hormone further helps in activating the feel-good sensations in the human mind. That’s how camping assists in providing a positive effect away from the toxic harms of pollution.

9. Helps in getting a good sleeping pattern

Another amazing benefit of camping is you get to sleep in a natural environment which is far reduced from the artificial lights of your home. Getting a relaxed sleep amidst nature and then waking up in the sunlight. A positive environment can reset anyone’s circadian rhythm which is associated with the rejuvenating the sleep cycle of a person.

Since, with the advent of technology in human life, many people complain about irregular sleep patterns and even insomnia. So if you are experiencing problems with sleeping, you can actually try camping which will assist you massively in getting a good sleep for days and resetting your sleep pattern to further help you nap better.

10. Digital Detox

Camping is a striking alternative to get away from your digital devices for a while and bonding with your friends and family plus learning life skills too. Digital technology is having a toll on everyone’s life today. Most of the people wake up to checking their phones and are even hooked on social media before sleeping. Thus to put your mind away from these perilous digital tools, you can plan a whole weekend for camping. You can switch off your smartphones to have a real-time wonderful experience in nature!

11. Distracts you away from stress and anxieties

Bikamp at Leh Ladakh

Camping also works as a wonderful distraction if you have been under stress for a few days. If you will feel like running away for a while you can go camping. In the hectic work life, it becomes important to make time for things that will help you refuel your inner battery. Sometimes you need to go miles away from the clingy deadlines and stressful work environment. So whenever you are under a lot of stress, try to take some days off from work. Take yourself out for a camping date in the wild. It will surely help you recharge your batteries and come back with a fresh perspective on life!

12. Plenty of Vitamin D

Bikamp Leh Location

Since during camping, you get to be in the sun and direct sunlight. This way you can absorb the most of Vitamin D. In the walled homes and offices, most people live and work in; they don’t get many chances to get out for the dose of Vitamin D which is quite beneficial to our health. So, camping helps you refill the Vitamin D source through ample sunlight. Plus you get to spend time in nature away from the suffocating four walls and busy working hours!

13. A great physical activity

Bikamp Aravallis - Sariska National Park

You need to be incredibly involved when it comes to camping because you have to begin by looking for a good campsite to pitching the tent and cooking food. This is why camping itself is like an exercise. You can also add more sports and fun elements like trekking and hiking to it. These will enhance the overall camping fun plus you will get to be active physically in all the chores and activities too. Hence, leave your physical exertion in the gym and opt for a camping weekend. You will find yourself more relaxed and refreshed by this!

14. Healthy food options

Food at Bikamp

When you go camping, you cannot actually order a cheeseburger or a big pizza. In camp, you will actually get to cook your own food and opting for the healthy option in nature! So, camping can also assist in detoxing from fast food habits.  You will choose healthier eating options that you can cook easily and feel more active in nature!

15. Bonding with nature

Bikamp at Leh Ladakh

Another astonishing characteristic of camping is that you can roam free in nature, spend a whole night stargazing and hike for a complete day in the blissful natural surroundings. There will be less noise but more tranquility, less air pollution but more fresh air and a lot of time to socialize, talk and have fun with your close friends and family. Greener surroundings will assist a lot in developing a bond with nature and acknowledging its role in refreshing one’s mind and soul immaculately!

16. Best to imbibe mindfulness

Bikamp at Leh Ladakh

If the noises of the city have become too much for you, then camping will help you in adding mindfulness to your life because when you are in a peaceful environment, you can delve deep inside and imbibe the motto of being mindful! You can meditate in the serenity of forests and indulge in moments where you will be in touch with your inner self-tuning the rhythm of soulfulness.

17. An amazing mood booster

Bikamp Aravallis - Near Sariska National Park



Imagine waking up at early sunrise and spending a whole day camping in the wild, feels really good right? That’s what camping does! It helps you tune yourself with the natural environment and this actually results in your body releasing hormones that make you feel happy and content while spending time in nature! Thus, camping is an amazing mood booster for those feeling a little low in life and having several depressive and negative thoughts, all you really need to do during those times is to get away for a while into nature and see yourself becoming more happy and cheerful!

18. Alone time

Bikamp Aravallis - Near Sariska National Park

By planning a few days for camping, you can give yourself the gift of spending time all by yourself! Even when you are traveling with your family or friends, you can sneak some time away from them and indulge in a lovely me-time where you can ponder upon your inner self. You can also meditate for a while or take long walks in the forest.  Doing all these things will help you enliven your spirits plus don’t forget to socialize as well because camping works amazingly for bonding with the people you always want to spend your time with.  Thus, camping can do wonders for both solitude lovers and those seeking some time with their special one and freeing your schedule for a few days to indulge in camping time will assist you in taking a break from the monotonous life.

Hence camping is actually an inexpensively awesome option. Whenever you feel like you’ve had enough of the pollution in the city you are living in and you want to run away from the toxic pollutants, get a backpack ready, find a good campsite and have a lovely experience in nature! Happy Camping!

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