“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time” – T. S. Eliot

Road trips to Leh Ladakh are now a days on everybody’s once in a lifetime travel list. And why not, it’s a place where everything transforms from weather to roads to the colors of the mountain deserts and the traveler also. On top of that, road trips have become one of the most sought after traveling modes in India for its sheer advantages. It’s adventurous, It offers flexibility, you can be spontaneous, can visit remote locations and offers you a different holiday experience.

Well, let’s come back to our topic for now. The best time to travel in Leh Ladakh is from May to September, but majority of the tourists visit in June to August. Here’s why you should visit in September as well :

1) Less traffic on roads – In high season, both Srinagar and Manali highways are too crowded with all types of vehicles plying. Ladakh and its emptiness is best experienced in September while riding through roads with less traffic.

leh ladakh road

2) Good Discounts in Camps and Hotels – Arrival of September already sets in the mood of closing Campsites and Hotels. This is the time when you can get best deals on anything and everything.

Bikamp Spacious and Cozy Tents

3) Lesser Rains, Slush and River crossings – As the monsoon starts to fade away there are lesser rains and this region gets devoid of water and moisture. Rivers return to their normal flows and the water crossings are safer yet adventurous enough.

Leh Ladakh water crossings

4) Better Road Conditions – As majority of the work undertaken by BRO and GREF people is done by the end of August, ladakh welcomes you with a freshly laid tarmac, repaired roads and lesser disruptions of journey due to blasting, cleaning etc.

Leh Ladakh roads

5) Best time for Photography – Yellow tress and forests, bright yellow fields, blue skies with dash of white clouds, snow clad peaks, crystal clear river water, beautiful roads etc. etc. etc. Leh Ladakh’s countless features are in its full bloom and just perfect for that awesome shot you have been craving for. All colors are available for you to exploit and helps in awakening the photographer inside you.

Leh Ladakh awesome pic

You can discover more and more reasons to visit Ladakh in September as it has got diverse things in remote areas. The question still really is whether we are able to get rid of our comforts and experience the real Ladakh in it’s entirety and the way Mother Nature has made it.

In true sense, travel is not to visit or to see things or to reach a destination, but to have a journey which is full of experiences and learning’s to change your inner self being.

Keep exploring and riding…

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    Trekking in Ladakh is one of the major attractions for the tourists.

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