Aravalli Hills in Danger?


Hills in Aravallis are Disappearing due to Human Activity

 Sunday mornings are always lazy, but this is the only day when I read the newspapers! Waking up late, having coffee, standing at balcony and reading newspaper is my most favorite part of Sunday. Looking at the people who are coming back from their morning walk I felt that something is missing in my life. This tight schedule of the job, pollution in the city, non-ending traffic, actually I am tired of all. I thought I should also take a break and go somewhere in Himalayas or Aravalli hills and breathe. However, it was the time to get back to the day & read the latest news and know about some real stuff going on in the country.

Shocking news revealed!

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After reading some news about politics, sports, and film industry and saw a piece of shocking news. I can say that it was the most important of all. It’s a sad part that this news was not on the front page. The news was as follows;

After being informed that 31 of the 128 hills of the Aravalli that are situated in Rajasthan have vanished over these 50 years because of illicit mining and development, Supreme Court judge Justice Madan B Lokur satirically commented that “people have become Hanuman and running away with hills”. The incongruity isn’t lost on anybody—the monkey-god, according to the Ramayana, had removed the hills bearing the sanjeevani herb to spare Lakshmana’s life. The SC bench, containing Lokur and Justice Deepak Gupta, suggested the Rajasthan chief secretary stop illegal mining in a 115.34-hectare territory of the range inside the state inside 48 hours and furthermore requested him to outfit an affirmation on the advancement by October 29.

Time to ask questions to ourselves

I was numb reading this news for a moment. I was planning to go to Aravalli hills a few minutes ago and now I read this!?! This is not the first time of news like this. Global warming is increasing, we are facing irregularity in rains in India, we are not able to fix the pollution problem and list goes on…! Wait, I am not complaining about any government for not taking care of nature conservation or nature itself. It’s us! Yes, we are the people who are responsible for using natural resources as much as we want and not taking care that it may harm the mother earth.

It is not about any particular part of the country but this is a global issue. But, since we have so much population in India, we are used to getting help from nature for everything without returning the favor.

Sand mining:

Two men arrested for sand theft was the latest news by Times of India. Here are only two people involved but there is a term called sand mafia. Using excess sand from natural resources causes problems in the cycle of nature.

Cutting of Trees:

The main source of breathing, the trees are cutting down by the people. Industries are increasing so as the residential areas. People want lavish wooden furniture in their houses. No doubt, these are expensive but the real price paid is much more than that and its harm to nature.

Erasing the mountains:


Cutting off trees, making roads, using the stones from the hills, and many other reasons for which we are almost erasing the mountains.

Do you think you are not a part of all this? Think again!

What is our role as a citizen to save Aravallis?


In response to the order of the Supreme Court, the Rajasthan Government has promised to take actions in favor of nature protection as soon as possible. However, we should remember that we too are an integral part of the natural world. Like responsible citizens, we need to take care of our surroundings.

  • We should not take part in any illegal mining and development activity in the Aravalli ranges
  • Take part in awareness programs and try to aware our acquaintances as well.
  • Use the digital platform to make people aware of this issue and ask them to come forward with their support to resolve this issue.
  • We should not entertain anyone doing illegal mining and development that is extensive in states like Rajasthan. In the event that you find any fishy mining or development project, it is important to inform the police immediately.

Making government responsible is easier but as a citizen taking the responsibility to save the natural conservation is a challenge. We will have to come together to get the solution. This shocking story of Aravalli hills again unveils the bitter truth about human civilization. With the advancement of the human race, nature is getting lost. Sophisticated buildings, malls, and industrial hubs are replacing forests and hills. This is the high time we should pay attention to nature. Otherwise, the human race would be lost forever.

Great Initiatives:

After all these thoughts, I started searching about initiatives that can be taken to save the nature on my laptop. Tree plantation is one of the most important.  On the website, I found 10 companies who plant one tree per product sale.

  • Woodchuck USA
  • tentree
  • WeWOOD
  • etnies
  • Baron Fig
  • good seeds apparel
  • Wave Tribe
  • Trinity Oaks
  • Prestige Decanters
  • Pacific Shaving Company


I really salute these companies. I am sure there are some companies who take a step to save the mother earth in India as well. As I was going through Aravalli related issues, I came across Bikamp’s website where they arrange eco-friendly camping. I visited the website and asked them to send me more photographs of the place. They sent me photographs with an email with other details. In the activities they plan, they had mentioned Tree planting. “Being a responsible eco-friendly camp, Bikamp Aravallis will provide certificates to people who come and stay and plant trees in surrounding Aravalli hills.” These lines made me fill thrilled as well as emotional.

Time to take some action to save Aravalli hills

Well, another Sunday is coming up. But I have decided not to spend this Sunday at home. It is the time for some action! You know what’s my plan? I am finishing writing this article now, then I will shut down my laptop and enter my car to start my journey to Bikamp Aravallis. Before starting my journey, I thought, I should share this story with all so that all of you get a purpose to visit this place. I am going to do my bit, what about you?


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