How to plan a Budget Trip to Ladakh

Budget Trip to Ladakh

Tips for a Budget Trip to Ladakh

Budget Trip to Ladakh

Ladakh is undeniably a dreamland for every traveler with its stunning landscapes and adventurous roads to offer you with! Taking a trip to Ladakh can cost a lot but if you are someone looking for a budget trip, it is possible by opting for homestays and budget traveling through public transports which will help you in cutting costs and still experiencing the charm of Ladakh. So, here are some of the best useful tips to assist you in planning a budget trip to Ladakh, saving your money and having a great time all together!


Public transports while traveling in Ladakh is the ideal option if you want to go for a budget trip. There are regular HRTC bus services available from Manali to Leh and Delhi to Leh. Further, after reaching Leh, the motorbikes are the only choice for traveling around the town so go for Activa or Scooty which are the cheapest around Rs. 800 and Rs. 500 for a complete day. To discover other attractions of Ladakh like Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso etc., there are bus services which can be infrequent so you have to schedule your travel accordingly. Moreover, public shared taxis are other alternatives and are pocket-friendly but cost a little more than bus tickets.

Hitchhiking is also a good option if you are reluctant to pay for hired cabs, there are other tourists that give you lift from one place to another. It is a well-known trend becoming popular so you can try hitchhiking as well to cut some traveling costs.

Accommodation in Leh

Bikamp at Leh Ladakh

Guest houses are quite economical when you are planning a budget trip to Ladakh and for small regions like Spangmik, you can easily go for homestays living as a paying guest with the locals. Chadar Tents are also good options if you are only staying in for the night, these costs around Rs. 300 -400 per person.

Food in Ladakh

Budget Trip to Ladakh

Eating outlets are inexpensive in Ladakh as there are local dhabas and small eateries located around. So, you can easily survive a day in a couple of bucks and you can also carry snacks along to save more on food.

Things to Avoid in the Budget Trip to Ladakh:

  1. Always try planning your own trip to travel all around Ladakh and avoid hiring a travel agent for you to handle things. An agent will charge his/her own commission and can increase your budget even more than you estimated.
  2. Having a solo trip to Ladakh can cost you more if compared to traveling with a group of 2-3 people because this can help you share your cost with them. Moreover, many hotels in Ladakh can easily provide a room for 2-3 people at a budget cost rather than having a room just for one. Group traveling will assist you to cut costs and also have a great time bonding with the ones you are traveling along!
  3. Also, in case you could not find anyone to travel with, try looking for travel partners online and you will surely get some buddy explorers. This way you can make friends while discovering Ladakh and having an amazingly low budget trip as well.
  4. Avoid planning a Ladakh Tour during the off-season as most of the hotels will be closed and those open will charge higher. May to September is the ideal time to travel to Ladakh and if you are someone who doesn’t like exploring during tourist season, try visiting Ladakh in May or September when the tourists will be mostly few and you can return back before it gets too crowded!
  5. Rather than pre-booking hotels, go for selecting your accommodation after reaching there because then you can negotiate and try other options available as well.
  6. Avoid booking your flight just before the trip and go for booking 2-3 months before in advance when the ticket prices will be comparatively low.

Camping in Leh

Bikamp Adventures have a campsite at Leh. So, If you are planning for an offbeat and adventurous experience, you can get in touch at or call us at +91 – 9818824450 or +91-9549919666

Bikamp Adventures has permanent campsites at

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