Famous Restaurants in Leh Ladakh

Restaurants in Ladakh

Famous Restaurants in Leh Ladakh

Tasting the scrumptious Tibetan delicacies of Leh and Ladakh is something you should definitely try during your trip to these dreamlands! In between the roads, you will only find some small eateries. But, there are various amazing restaurants located in and all as well as other famous attractions of Ladakh. Thus, here is a list of all these striking restaurants in Leh Ladakh that you have to try while being in Leh Ladakh. This will make you fall in love with the savoring Tibetan food and filling yourself with Indian style food in Ladakh as well!

1. Booklovers Retreat

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If you want to soak in the landscape of Ladakh with a good book and a soothing cup of coffee, Booklovers Retreat of Leh is the ideal restaurant to be at! There is a beautiful library, a café like an ambiance and a striking backdrop.It makes this place irresistible to leave. You can have pizzas, salads, lattes along with reading a nice book and just sitting there feeling ever thankful for this wonderland Ladakh! This is one of the unique restaurants in Leh Ladakh.

2. Lamayuru Restaurant

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Second in the list of restaurants in Leh Ladakh is Lamayuru Restaurant. It is popular for the mouth-watering Tibetan delicacies. Especially Momos and Thukpa prepared by Chef Gesmo. It is a recommended one to go for if you are craving to try Tibetan food and you will also find North Indian and Chinese dishes which make it even more awesome!

3. Coffeesutra

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A lovely café cum restaurant, Coffeesutra in Leh is known for its relaxing coffees. It is also famous for chocolate delicacies like chocolate mousse! You can just stop by this restaurant to have a cup of coffee with your buddies. Especially in the chilly mornings when you can enjoy the landscape. With the classy aura of this café, you will feel like experiencing modern city vibes in the midst of Ladakh’s charm!

4. Ladakh Fine Foods

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Ladakh Fine Foods is another amazing option when it comes to the best restaurants in Leh Ladakh. It is quite famous among Leh travelers for its lovely setting and variety of food options. From Tibetan Food to Ladakh’s own original cultural dishes, you can savor so many things here. The ambiance is warm. Jovial owners Achey Kunzes and Chozang will happily assist you with all your queries while being here!

5. Little Tiny Italy

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A scenic restaurant in Leh with lip-smacking delicacies to lose oneself in, Little Tiny Italy is a beautiful restaurant with great ambiance and yummy vegetarian food you can eat all day long! If you want to try Kashmiri cuisine like Kashmiri Dum Aloo, and Koftas, this is the place to be at and you will also find many other tasty dishes here to savor your palates with!

6. Wonderland

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A favorite of Israeli travelers, Wonderland is well-known for its Israeli recipes and they also give their own unique touch to Tibetan food making it even more luscious and scrumptious. For those who are bored of eating the same kind of momos and thukpa, this restaurant in Leh is perfect to try the various delicacies from Israeli cuisine to Tibetan food with a tasty twist!

7. Gesmo Restaurant

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A striking German Bakery nestled in the panoramic aura of Leh, Gesmo Restaurant draws travelers and food enthusiasts exploring Ladakh who visits this place to try the several baked dishes cooked with a lovely and innovative touch! Go for their pastries, Yak Cheese Pizza and other types of experimental Tibetan baked food and with a soothing musical setting, the restaurant will make your stay even longer than you thought you would!

8. The Tibetan Kitchen

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A hotspot for local cuisine, the Tibetan Kitchen is amongst the most famous restaurants of Ladakh. It is packed in the peak season of May to August and serves all kinds of authentic Tibetan food. You will find the best chicken momos here and don’t forget to ask for the mutton/pork dishes plus make sure to call for a reservation before coming here during the peak season.

9. Moon Land Restaurant

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Craving for some paranthas in Ladakh? Moon Land Restaurant is the ideal one to opt for as they will serve you with luscious Tandoori paranthas with a big tub of butter and the hot mug of tea to get your breakfast and lunch covered altogether! It opens around Mid-June till the end of tourist season and is a favorite of those missing Punjabi cuisine in Ladakh!

10. Bon Appetit

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Bon Appetite is situated amidst the alluring vistas of Stok Kangri Peak and is actually managed by the Royal Ladakhi family itself. Pizzas, Spanish Gnocchi, and chocolate momos are the most loved delicacies here and you need to make a reservation before visiting Bon Appetite as its quite crowded during the tourist season!

11. Leh Town Café

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Leh Town Café is well-liked for its pastries, waffles and yummy shakes to fill your tummy with on a winter morning! The café has a spacious and quiet ambiance to greet you with and has amazing varieties in desserts that you won’t find anywhere else!

12. Wazwaan Planet

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Another astonishing gem to try Kashmiri Cuisine, Wazwaan Planet is loved for its Gushtaba and Ristaa along with other Kashmiri dishes! You can fill up yourself till you give up and you will still find some place for more mouth-watering Kashmiri food.

13. Eclectic Kitchen

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Eclectic Kitchen is a wonderful destination serving European as well as Asian cuisine. You can opt for various dishes from local varieties to pleasant European dishes. With a nice ambiance and good service, this restaurant is just the right place where you can go for a heavy brunch to give you a kick-start on a lazy day in Leh!

14. Chopsticks Noodle Bar

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Chopsticks is a hub for Chinese as well as Pan-Asian cuisine so if you are missing Chinese food in Leh, this is the restaurant to try! It is situated in Leh and is a personal favorite of travelers so make sure to get a reservation before coming here!

15. Happy World Restaurant

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Happy World Restaurant is a small but quaint restaurant for a refreshing breakfast in the morning! The lemon tea is a special favorite here and you will also find Tibetan, Chinese and Indian cuisine on the menu as well!

16. Leh Chen Restaurant

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A bar-cum-restaurant, Leh Chan Restaurant also has a charming backdrop of the lovely mountains and Ladakhi aura. You can stop here for a short round of drinks or visit Leh Chan for a light dinner especially the lamb recipes which are just amazing! Live music is also organized in the evenings so those needing a soothing night with their friends will love this charming restaurant!

17. Café Cloud

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Situated in Thiksey, Café Cloud is created with an inspiring rustic village feel to it and is perfect to spend a winter afternoon here basking in the sun! Pizzas and burgers are amazingly delicious here and the restaurant is set in a beautiful garden so after eating you can go for a walk in the lush greens and embrace the beauty of this place!

18. Tenzin Dickey Restaurant

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A small restaurant is known for its vegetarian Tibetan Cuisine, Leh’s Tenzin Dickey is a warm space welcoming you with its succulent momos, calming herbal tea and other varieties. After an exhausting day exploring Leh, you can come up and gorge on the amazing dishes and you will see your tiredness vanishing!

Hence, this list containing the top restaurants in Ladakh and is a must to keep in mind while tripping in Leh and Ladakh. Hence, make sure you try these restaurants and their lovely local cuisine to take in the striking vibes of Ladakh and its magnificent cuisine!

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