Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

Traveling to Leh Ladakh on your bike is one of the most amazing experience to cherish especially if you are craving for a wonderful adventure! The roads of Ladakh are thrilling and will surely fill your body with adrenaline rush if you are planning to have a bike trip to Ladakh. Biking in this region will give you a unique experience of living like a wandering nomad for a few days while also soaking the rustic aura of Ladakh. So, to assist you in executing the perfect bike trip to Ladakh here is a full-fledged guide on how to plan a bike on a trip to Leh Ladakh.

  • The right time for Leh Ladakh bike trip

June to September is the right time for heading to Ladakh on a bike trip. These months are perfect because the roads are in good conditions and the weather is also pleasant for a bike trip. Another plus point is that during this time the landscape is blooming with beauty and allure to make you stay longer than you planned to!

  • Right Duration for a Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

When it comes to deciding the duration, it relies on various factors from the route you have selected to the places you are visiting during the trip. However, the weather can be another deciding factor too. An average 15 days time is a good duration for a bike trip to Ladakh especially if you are going from Manali, this period is more suitable for that route.

  • Choosing the right bike for Leh Ladakh bike trip

Taking the right bike is also an important decision to take for ensuring a safe and smooth ride to Ladakh and back home. The main factor to consider for this is suitability and don’t be swayed by the popularity of the bike you are choosing. Also, make sure that the bike you are selecting can be easily handled as well as is simple to maintain. These are the top bikes you can consider for your trip to Ladakh:

  1. Royal Enfield

A favorite of all ardent bikers, Royal Enfield comes with an engine ranging from 340 CC to 500 CC and works perfectly for the adventurous roads of Ladakh.

  1. KTM Duke

This bike is also good because it is light in weight and the new ranges of engines vary from KTM 390 to KTM 250, thus giving you a lot of choices to opt from!

  1. Royal Enfield Himalayan

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Royal Enfield Himalayan is made with a strong 400 CC engine which will smoothen your ride on the tough roads of Ladakh.

  1. Bajaj Pulsar

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Another ideal option for a perfect bike trip, Bajaj Pulsar is available in the engine range of 150CC, 200CC, and 250CC. If you are not going for bullets, then this is the right one to go for!

  1. CBR 250

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With a 249.50 cc engine, Honda’s CBR 250 has a striking torque and find technology accessible with it and is also an amazing one for biking to Ladakh.

Renting a bike:

You can also rent a bike from Delhi or Manali and with the submission of the required documents and rental amount, you can take any bike for your Leh Ladakh Bike Trip.

In Delhi, Karol Bagh has many bike rental services providing bikes on rent, majorly for INR 600 per day for a bike along with copies of some identity proofs. For identity proofs, you will have to submit a photocopy of your photo ID proof along with INR 10,000 for the amount of security deposit, a copy of your driving license and a letter for consent by your parents for those who are under the age of 25.

If you are renting a bike from Manali, the prices are INR 1000 to INR 1800 with the amount of security deposit around INR 10,000- INR 20,000 as well as your identity proofs.

There are also bike rental services that avail mechanics for your bike trip to help you along the journey. Before renting a bike, make sure to take a proper test ride and knowing about the bike you are hiring which will assist in taking care of it during the trip.

  • Which route to take to reach Ladakh on your bike?

Manali to Leh Route

The two routes for traveling to Ladakh are Srinagar-Leh Route and Manali-Leh Route. Srinagar-Leh route has a direct network of roads which doesn’t overlap and Manali-Leh route is more adventurous and encircles around the stunning landscape and is ideal for adventurers. Calculating the distance for reaching Ladakh and coming back to the original point, Srinagar-Leh route is 2,259 km in distance and the second one from Manali covers 2,569 km. You can select the route as per your convenience and difficulty level so that you can have a safe and smooth ride to Ladakh.

  • Keeping the essentials

For Leh Ladakh Bike trip, here is a list of essentials you must take along and keep in your backpack to help you reach Ladakh safely and hassle-free.

  1. A strong helmet for safety.
  2. Extra leather jackets and raincoats for bad weather.
  3. A proper toolkit for your bike and a first aid kit.
  4. A map of Ladakh and the route you are taking even if you are planning to use GPS, since at some places the networks might not work, so the map will come handy.
  5. Your identity proofs as well as your driving license.
  6. Goggles, gloves, extra clothes and essential toiletries including sunscreen.
  7. A camera, a torch, a charger, extra power bank and other required accessories like Bluetooth headset for your smartphone.
  8. Camping essentials like sleeping bags, cooking utensils, etc.
  9. Extra bottles of water and some snacks.
  10. Extra fuel and other additional tools for your bike.

Hence these are the major details for tripping to Ladakh on your bike and this elaborate will surely help you in having a secure adventure in Ladakh. So, if you have been delaying your bike trip for a long time, call your best buddies, and plan it today! Bon Voyage!

Camp at Leh

Bikamp Adventures have a campsite at Leh. So, If you are planning for an offbeat and adventurous experience, you can get in touch at info@bikamp.com or call us at +91 – 9818824450 or +91-9549919666

Bikamp Adventures has permanent campsites at

1) Leh, Ladakh

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