Manali to Leh route – 5 things you can’t afford to miss!

Camping in Leh Ladakh

When it comes to road trip the first thing that knocks your mind is the most awesome Manali to Leh highway road trip. Riding through the criss-cross province on your bike is something which will be apprehended in your hearts forever. While you are on your road trip make sure you get a chance to explore the luminous beauty of the region. With snow-clinch mountains, distant valley and the cold mountain gust make it more exciting. As you continue your ride through the craggy area you will come across some of the most famous passes of Leh. Genius at the sight of the awesome beauty of the region while you blow the roads on this adventurous road trip.

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Manali Bikamp
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The exceptional charm of the places to visit in Manali is what makes one of the most attractive tourist destinations in India. Manali is a complete beauty in winter because of the heavy snowfall here. Even in summers, the glamour of Manali does not dim as looking at the ample, green meadows of Manali is a treat to eyes. Another beauty of this town is the Beas River that flows through it. The amiable climate of Manali makes it one of the most desired summer gateways India. Awash with scores of the places with the dazzling landscape, Manali is an artist’s delusion. Some of the places that embellish Manali with their peerless beauty are Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Bhrigu Lake, Manali Sanctuary, etc. Among these places, Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley are the most compelling places and the most popular places between the adventure lovers. Also, some of the best treks of Himachal drops in Manali, making it a very famous place for trekkers. When in Manali you can enjoy some popular treks like Hampta pass trek, Bhrigu lake pass trek, etc. 

Landscapes of Manali are equally dazzled even during the summers when the white snow turns into the green grass and the lavish green forest become more colorful, adorn the town with a different beauty. Summer season in Manali is a very amiable period and it is a good time to visit.

Rohtang Pass

Manali to Leh
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On the Manali to Leh road trip, get amazing and scenic views from the Rohtang Pass. Located 51km from Manali, at the elevation of 3900m, the route leads to places such as Pangi, Lahaul Spiti, and Leh. You get views of beautiful snow-covered mountains peaks and glaciers from here. It is in this environs that the Chandra River discharge too.

Just before when entering to Rohtang Pass there is a snow point. You can enjoy yourself playing in the snow at this point. Open during the June and October you can also enjoy sled rides and skiing during this time    


Even if you want to enjoy the panoramic walks through easygoing villages or enjoy grand mountains views, then Keylong is the right place for you. Apace with this place is the blazing Bhaga Valley with its riches of herbs. Being the capital city of Lahaul,  Keylong is a famous stop between the tourists and trekkers for an overnight stay. 

More than this, it is admired as a wellspring of herbs that has all the reasons to astonish the visitors. when you visit the Keylong, You can also visit the monasteries such as Shasur and Gemur.


Manali to Leh
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Visit a charming Himalayan village called Darcha located beside the Bhaga River. From Keylong, this place is about 23km. There is an enormous camping ground available at Darcha which is generally used as a camping ground by tourists. Among all the captivating treks in the Leh region, the Darcha-Padum trek is the most famous. If you have much time during your Manali to Leh trip, you can plan to explore this trek and experience a world never imagined before.


Manali to Leh
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Situated on the Manali Leh highway and covered by the Himalayan range is a beautiful region called Sarchu. Narrowly known as ‘Sir Bhum chum’, it is a perfect place for camping and overnight stay, you can enjoy a night sleep betwixt a treasure accretion of scenery. There are many camps in Sarchu where you can stay and enjoy yourself. 

At an elevation of 14300feet, await the winds to be refrigerant than usual, but refreshing though!

You are beset by picture-perfect panoramic computation. The sight of the ceremonious mountains looking at you from a distance is just a different thrill. The experience is mystifying and surreal. 


Manali to Leh Karu
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At Karu, you are belted by the soaring mountains peaks and hills. In this Cloistered euphoria, you are delighted by the beauty of nature. The demonstration of nature’s finest portrayal lies at their best in this region. Gleaming streams, blazing valleys and majestic mountains are the indications of this region.


Leh Bikamp
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Leh is a dream harbor for many travelers in India and even for more those who are coming from the foreign. Leh is not only for solo travelers but also for couples, families and young travelers. Leh is famous for its high altitude and big passes connecting different locations in this difficult area.

Leh is a dream harbor or many travelers and holy chalice for the adventure admirer. if you are photography admirer then the Leh is heaven for you. There are fewer to offer in terms of nature and wildlife but instead of that, you can click the vast empty canvas that you can paint.

Things you can’t miss

The road trip from Manali to Leh is one of the most arduous and unforgettable journeys for a lifetime. There is no other route where you can pass so many scenic views, where the mural changes after every few kilometers and they test your cap as a traveler. You just can’t miss visiting at RohtangLa, Jispa, Darcha, Keylong, Nubra Valley, and Pangong River.  

Camping at Leh

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