Valleys of Ladakh

Valleys of Ladakh

Ladakh is a wonderland! It’s breath-taking vistas and striking panoramas that will blow your mind away. The cultural vibes of Tibetan Buddhism mix perfectly with the beautiful landscapes. Also, who can forget the adventurous roads that this state leads to! So if you have been planning a soothing getaway from the modern and populated life of cities, Ladakh is the dream adventure you must undertake! When it comes to the valleys of Ladakh, they are regions offering charming views as well as various settlements and locals inhabited in Ladakh. So let’s explore further to find out more about the amazingly splendid valleys of Ladakh that also consists of the major attractions of this lovely tourist destination.

1. Drass Valley

Valleys of Ladakh - Drass Valley
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The alluringly wonderful Drass Valley is present near Drass River. It flows from the Machoi Glacier, it’s a point of origin. The summer season is quite short in this valley and constitutes of many inhabitants finding their home here. Drass River is located close to the Zojila Pass and confluences with many other rivers while flowing.

2. Nubra Valley

Valleys of Ladakh - Nubra Valley
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Nubra Valley is a popular one amongst other valleys of Ladakh. Orchard of Ladakh is another identity of Nubra Valley. It is a place where the land bears many types of fruits as well as several other crops and is quite fertile too. The summer season brings out wild pink and yellow hues present in the roses that are evident here in this valley highlighting it’s lovely charm. Lavender is the central shade coming out lusciously following the month of August.

3. Suru Valley

Valleys of Ladakh - Suru Valley
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Placed close to the Suru River, this valley is known for its chilly winters. It creates a wide blanket cover of snow all over the area and the landscape. The winters are quite harsh especially from the mid-November to May. Suru River has its origin in the Panzella Glacier and then joins other rivers including Drass and Indus.

4. Rangdum Valley

Valleys of Ladakh - Rangdum Valley
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A renowned stopping point for trekkers going toward Padum, Rangdum Valley is situated nearby to Suru Valley. This valley is more of an isolated area and trekkers visiting Padum mostly stay here during a night or two. The panoramas of this valley mainly comprise of striking hills and mountains coming together with the rocky hills as well as glaciers making it’s tempting and adventurous at the same time.

5. Salt Lake Valley

Valleys of Ladakh - Salt Lake Valley
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Salt Lake Valley is a tiny valley that can be reached via Taglang La pass and is also the place where Thuggi settlement area is located. There are two lakes at confluence here: Panluk Lake which is a small freshwater Lake and Tsokar Lake which is a huge freshwater lake. Moreover, this valley is just 20 km long and 7 km wide.

6. Zanskar Valley

Valleys of Ladakh - Zanskar Valley
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Zanskar is a three-forked valley with a gorgeous view comprising of Himalayan and Zanskar mountains. A hotspot for trekkers, this valley is an abode to thousands of Ladakh people along with various monasteries, monuments, attractions and gompas situated here.

7. Indus Valley

Valleys of Ladakh - Indus Valley
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Indus Valley is spread over a huge area including some parts of Leh as well as the region of Khaltse sub-division traveler circuit of Leh. It is placed amidst the spectacular Indus River and is another must-visit valley for those interested in the local life of Ladakh which is settled all around this valley.

8. Markha Valley

Valleys of Ladakh - Markha Valley
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Markha Valley is every ardent trekker’s delight and is filled with a lush flora and fauna as you will get to spot Himalayan oak trees, groves of apricot along with Himalayan animals like deer, Ibex, etc. Further, Markha river flows here in all its allure looking like a mirror to the pleasant mountains. Also, monasteries and gompas situated at a great height and distance from here.

  1. Dha-Hanu Valley
Valleys of Ladakh - Dah Hanu Valley
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Dha-Hanu Valley is the place where the twin villages of Dah and Hanu are present. It is also home to Drakpa Community which was the last Aryan Race. This valley is warmer in the climate when compared to Leh. It is also good for camping as well as trekking. It is around 163 km southwest from Leh and the tranquillity. The cultural relevance of this valley brings many curious travelers coming here in search of peace and Ladakh’s vivid culture.

10. Shyok Valley

Valleys of Ladakh - Shyok Valley
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Shyok Valley is located by the Shyok River.  It’s named as the River of death by Central Asian Merchants. They found this route to be hard and difficult to survive as many lost their lives here.

Thus, these are the major valleys of Ladakh that you must discover on your trip here. These valleys are the main places of habitation for the Ladakh people that are warm and friendly and will welcome you happily to their quaint home thus make sure to visit all these valleys and embrace the beauty that this place has! Happy Tripping!

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