What Is The Best Time To Visit Leh Ladakh (45% Said June)

best time to visit leh ladakh

Tripping to Leh Ladakh is an adventure of a lifetime as a journey to these heavens will make your travel itinerary filled with adventure as well as serenity! The panoramas of Leh Ladakh are charmingly attractive plus you can also head to Ladakh on your bikes and experience a roadie adventure soaking in the beautiful aura of Ladakh. So, if you are planning your next trip to Ladakh, it is important to find the right time of the year when you can take a hassle-free journey to this place and immerse in its amazing vibes! To help you experience the best time in Ladakh, here is a complete guide on the best time to visit Leh Ladakh including the weather and climate conditions of Ladakh all around the year.

Bikamp Leh Ladakh

Planning the Trip to Leh Ladakh

How to decide the best time to visit Leh? You just need to ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Do you want to see the lakes or do you want to enjoy the snow?
  2. Can you survive in really cold weather? Cold means really COLD!
  3. Are you on an adventure trip or going to enjoy family time?
  4. Do you enjoy a crowded place full of tourists or do you enjoy silent places and your own company?

Answering these small-small questions will decide the moto of your trip. Don’t worry, we will certainly guide you with tips which will help you answer these questions.

Best time for an extreme adventurer to visit Leh Ladakh

The trip to Leh Ladakh during the winter season is a treat to the adventurers and all Bear Grylls fans! In the really cold place when the temperature goes around – 7-degree Celsius. It is very difficult to survive in such extreme conditions. The chilled water stops the sensations sometimes, you have to use dry pits for the toilet. Running water is not available as everything is frozen. Most importantly you have to be medically and physically fit to survive in these conditions.

Adventurers always are in search of this kind of condition. They really enjoy the hard-hitting chills. The extreme conditions invite them on the ride to spectacular snow! They enjoy being challenged and getting stuck in the journey so that they can take mesmerizing memories after reaching the ultimate destination.

Therefore, October to March is the best time when the condition of Leh starts to turn difficult than the pleasant summers. You will have to choose the only airway at this time as roads are closed.

Best time to visit Leh Ladakh for a family trip

When you are with family then certain restrictions of safety, security, health, and basic amenities are part of your travel. But when you are with family these things are actually not a restriction but care for your family. Family trips are supposed to enjoy the time with your loved ones. 

On family trips, you want to do sightseeing, interact with local people, know their culture, try out local food and many other fun things. You can enjoy such moments only in summers. The season starts in May and ends by the end of September. June to September is the period which makes your journey beautiful. All the roads and airways are open at this time.

Let’s have a look at month-wise conditions of Leh to find out the best time to visit Leh Ladakh.

1. Mid October to March

By the end of October, the temperatures fall down drastically which results in freezing weather in the state. The restaurants, guest houses, and hotels are closed and locals migrate to warmer areas leaving Leh almost in a deserted area. So, it is not advised to explore Leh Ladakh during the wintertime.

Moving further to Mid-November, the weather still remains cold and chilly but the frozen lakes and colorful hues of Pangong Tso Lake and Tso Morori attract many tourists to Ladakh. You can take a flight to Leh during this time if you want to amaze yourself with the astonishing snow-white heaven that Ladakh transforms into!

2. April to Mid-May

April is the time of the year when most of the tourists start coming to Ladakh and the whole region lights up with a vibrant aura. The restaurants and hotels are opened and camping sites are also set up near famous lakes. Moreover, by late April, the popular lakes of Ladakh start thawing which makes them just perfect to plan a picnic to and spend a whole day and night gazing over the stunning landscape of this state! The Srinagar-Leh Highway is also opened along with the Khardung La and Chang La Passes in their complete snowy beauty are availed for travelers to explore!

3. Mid May to July

May is a good time to discover Ladakh because of the pleasant weather of the region but the landslides and blockages on the roads can be an issue in your traveling. So, you can fly to Leh and then head to explore the place which will be a better option rather than getting stuck amidst the landslide. Further by the end of May and the coming June and July, the roads get clearer and the weather is lovely to take a trip all around Ladakh.

4. August to Mid-September

Monsoon season enters Leh Ladakh from August and the roads get trickier for traveling. There are areas like Zojila Pass and Baralacha Pass which receive less rainfall but the other areas for entering Ladakh are prone to heavy rainfall which can pose hassles to your trip. So, this phase is apparently not recommended for traveling but if you love monsoons and you are lucky enough to get a flight, you can still enjoy the amazing rainfalls of Ladakh and soak in the cool vibes!

best time to visit leh ladakh

5. Mid-September to Mid-October

This is actually the best time other than April to visit Leh Ladakh. After the monsoon seasons, the landscape shines in bright light with the sapphire-colored lakes and clear skies. These months are the ideal ones if you want to see Ladakh in its best hues and the roads are in good condition to assist you in traveling safely.

Best time to visit Leh by road

The road journey is the best part when you decide to go to Leh Ladakh. But, you cannot go to Leh by road in certain months. Almost 6 months the roads are closed. Srinagar to Leh highway opens in May and closes by November. Hence if you are planning for a road trip, plan in advance and get detailed information.

The road journey from Manali is also another road that you can opt for…!  From June end to Mid-September is a great time to plan your road trip.

Best time to visit Ladakh on Bike

We would suggest going to Ladakh on the bike by the end of June to September end. The roads to Leh Ladakh are risky and especially in the winter when Leh takes the blanket of snow. Even after the winter, the roads get broken. Ride on a good bike so that bad roads won’t affect you. If you like to get wet in the rain while riding then monsoon is the best season for you to ride. You should avoid riding by September end as the weather starts getting close. The roads open by the end of May.

Best Time to visit leh ladakh on bike

Best time to visit Ladakh by Car

The car journey is a cozy and private journey with your loved ones. But not all the cars would run well on the roads to Leh Ladakh. The landslides, rain and bad road conditions are the challenges for a car journey. The best time to visit Ladakh by car in September. 

Cars like Hatchback or Sedan are best for September. This is the safest month for a road journey as no natural obstacle would stop your way. SUV cars give you the advantage to go to the journey anytime between June and September.

Best time to visit Ladakh traveling by public transport

July to September is the best time to travel for you to Ladakh if you are planning for a mode of public transport. Most of the tourists visit Leh during this time hence, shared taxies are available within your budget. Since this is the peak season you will not have to wait for the bus or taxi for more than a few minutes.

Best time to visit Leh by Air

This is the only way that is open throughout the year. It is a very convenient way of traveling. This saves your time if you are coming from the east, west or southern part of India or abroad. Ladakh looks beautiful from the sky hence you should visit Leh Ladakh by Air once in a lifetime. Both in summer and winter, the views are extremely special and uniquely beautiful.

Best time to visit Leh for photography

Do you like green or white background as a photographer? If greenery is on your favorite landscape then August is the best time. In the monsoon, the valleys invite to lie down on the greenery as well as capture the green beauty of nature in the camera. September is also one of the best times to visit Ladakh for a photographer. 

This month you see different shades of nature. The greens grass, the orange-reddish leaves and the blue lakes & skies, every color beautifully paints Ladakh at its best! The canvas of color makes it easy for you to get the best clicks of your life. If you are an adventurer, a risk-taker and snow lover then December to March is the best period to capture the snowy Leh.

Best time to visit Leh Ladakh for honeymoon

This is a new trend that has started recently when newly married couples have started visiting Leh Ladakh on their honeymoon. These people must be nature lovers or trend followers. The best time to visit Leh for honeymoon is September if the couple just wants to enjoy a regular honeymoon destination. But if the couple loves the adventure then they can even go between July to October. 

Best time to visit Ladakh via Manali

Manali to Leh highway opens by May end or in early June, hence July to mid-October is the good time to travel to Leh by this road. Though the roads open in June the condition of the roads is terrible hence we advise you to simply avoid it. Temporary shutdowns, landslide or extremely cold conditions start in mid-October.

Best time to visit Leh Ladakh via Srinagar

It is the almost same condition as Manali to Leh highway. This road opens a month before Manali to Leh. From Mid-May to September the roads are open. If you want to get drenched in the rain then July end and August is the best time to visit Leh. We advise you not to travel in rains as sometimes the weather can get worse and you might have to face the consequences. 

Best season to visit Leh

The best season to visit Leh Ladakh is Fall. In September you will get to see lots of color in the sky, on the ground, and in the lakes. The leaves start changing the color, the skies are clear, the reflection of the sky looks beautiful the lakes and the mountains add its own beauty. The weather is pleasant in this season. The hotels and restaurants are open and this is the season in which the tourists get most of the clocks on their camera.

The best month to visit Ladakh

September! Yes, this is the month where most of the tourists visit Ladakh and should visit as this month is a celebration for the travelers. Apart from that Mid-June to Mid-July is also a good time to visit Leh Ladakh.

Recent studies have shown that 45% of the tourists love to visit Leh in June. Around 23% of the tourists visit Leh Ladakh in September. In July its around 16% while in all other months the traveler’s percentage is around 1 to 5%. In October, November, December, March, and April it is lowest at around 1-2%.

Also, the reasons attributed to the liking of travelers in June month were studied. Almost 40% of the travelers said that clear weather is the primary reason followed by lots of snow to see and ease of travel.

Surprisingly, 6% of travelers also said that June is not the best month. The sudden influx of thousands of tourists only in a month leads to extreme pressure on natural resources. This, in any way, is not sustainable tourism and will lead to much like other hill destinations. Besides July and September, it is also liked by lots of tourists due to better photography and clear weather.


The above mentioned are details of Ladakh all around the year and how you can make the best of your time here during these months. Now, it’s your time to decide when and how to plan your journey. Make sure to keep all the travel essentials and warm clothes along with important photo ids and identity proofs for a safe and lovely journey in the striking vistas of Ladakh!

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