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10 Hidden Secrets About Traveling To Leh Ladakh In September

leh ladakh in september

Well, we know you have made all genuine efforts to go to Leh Ladakh in September. But for any reason, you could not. For those who did not make it till now, don’t be sad. There are now all the more reasons to do so, in the future.

Travel to Leh Ladakh is nowadays on everybody’s once in a lifetime bucket list. And why not, it’s a place where everything transforms from weather to roads. To the numerous colors of the mountain deserts and the traveler also.

Leh Ladakh in September

On top of that, road trips have become one of the most sought after traveling modes. Road Trips for obvious reasons have their own advantages. It’s adventurous and offers flexibility. You can be spontaneous and can visit remote locations. And the fact that it offers you altogether a different holiday experience.

Well, let’s come back to our topic for now. The best time to travel to Leh Ladakh is from May to September. But the majority of the tourists visit from June to August. If you could not make it in these months, here’s why you should visit Leh Ladakh in September.

1) Less Traffic On Roads in Leh Ladakh in September

In high season, both Srinagar and Manali highways are too crowded with all types of vehicles plying. Bikes, Trucks, Buses and what not.

This is the only time when all the fresh goods come to Leh. After a long 5-6 months of the road closure, there is a huge shortage of fresh material. Once the road opens in Mid-End May, there are numerous trucks and army vehicles carrying goods.

Empty roads Leh Ladakh in September

Ladakh and its emptiness are best experienced in September. Simply because riding through roads with less traffic is a bikers dream. You know what I am talking about. So plan your bike trip to Leh Ladakh in September. And you will give thank me for this.

2) Good Discounts In Camps And Hotels

The arrival of September already sets in the mood of closing Campsites and Hotels. This is the time when you can get the best deals on anything and everything.

Traveling to Leh can be heavy on your pockets. And all those backpackers and bikers do travel on a very limited budget. In peak season, there is no way you will get a good deal. But in September, things change pretty fast.

Bikamp at Leh Ladakh in September

There are fewer tourists during this time. Travel agencies, camps, guest houses, hotels, everyone will offer you some off-season discount. So grab your luggage and get ready to be on a voyage of discovery. Without being laid in your pocket.

3) Snow On The Peaks

You can experience some fresh snow on all peaks. This brings in another dimension to the travel. And guess what, you have a chance to play with snow along with friends.

Stok Kangri Peak views from camp in leh

Usually, monsoon ends by 1st week of September. That is when fresh snow falls on high mountain passes. This makes a perfect chance for you to enjoy that lovely fresh snow.

4) Eat Fresh Seabuckthorn Fruit (only in Leh Ladakh is September)

Yes, this is the time when the famous orange wonder of Ladakh ripens. The famous Seabuckthorn berry. You can eat them fresh or drink fresh juice to get high on vitamin C. Not to mention other essential nutrients that help you acclimatize better.

Seabuckthorn is very famous within Ayurvedic lovers. It is because of its many health benefits and rich in antioxidants.

Seabuckthorn Leh Ladakh in September

Every bit of the plant is used for making ayurvedic medicines. It is said to have been cured many diseases such as arthritis, gastrointestinal ulcers, gout, and skin rashes.

It is also believed to be good for heart, blood pressure, diabetes, protects skin, boosts the immune system. Other ailments related to the liver and fight cancer cells as well. You can buy seabuckthorn Jam, extract, dried, juiced, squash, oil, etc.

5) Fewer Tourists At Famous Spots

How many times have you visited a famous tourist site and get disappointed? And that too because of the sea of people fighting to get the best spot.

That’s exactly what you will see in peak summer months. Long lines on Inner line permits and ATMs. Too many people infamous spots take away the very soul and beauty of the place. Mad tourists taking pics from left, right and center.

Due to this rush, locals find a way to commercialize it even more to make a quick buck. And this endless cycle never ends in the summer months.

weather in leh ladakh,Ladakh.jpg

Exactly to avoid all of that you must plan your travel in the late months. Also traveling to Leh Ladakh in September gives you a fair chance to experience this place peacefully.

So, remember, visit Leh Ladakh in September and you can be sure of having the best of times. And please note, away from the maddening crowd, peacefully with your friends and family.

6) Lesser Rains, Slush and River Crossings

As the monsoon starts to fade away, there are lesser rains in September. Rivers return to their normal flows and the water crossings are safer yet adventurous enough.

A rider on a motorcycle knows this very well. Slush and water crossings are worst during the summer months. To avoid some of the notorious ones, it is best to visit Leh Ladakh in September end.

water crossings

Not to mention rains. Rains make it harder for a road traveler. Even though it is adventurous to overcome these natural hurdles. But sometimes it might become life-threatening. Proper planning and knowledge are required to safely travel to Leh Ladakh.

Leh Ladakh weather in September is the best for travel, especially road trips. The temperature of Leh Ladakh in September remains around 5 degrees to 21 degrees centigrade. Isn’t it perfect for travel, nice and chilly and a good sun to enjoy?

7) Better Road Conditions in Leh Ladakh in September

As the majority of the work undertaken by BRO and GREF people is done by the end of August. Ladakh then welcomes you with a freshly laid tarmac, repaired roads and lesser disruptions of the journey.

new tarmac roads in September

Again, this is something I especially like. Everyone knows that feeling of freshly made roads on such high altitudes. Driving and riding are so much better. And while doing so, you really get a chance to enjoy the sceneries as well. Instead of just fixating your eyeballs on the road, you can souk in Ladakh. And that too without worrying about a pothole or a boulder.

Road conditions in Leh Ladakh in September are one of the best. Don’t forget the awesome weather.

8) Best Time For Photography

Green trees and forests, bright yellow fields, blue skies with a dash of white clouds, snow-clad peaks, crystal clear river water, beautiful roads, etc. etc. etc. I can’t stop myself boasting more about this one.

Leh Ladakh’s countless features are in its full bloom and just perfect for that awesome shot you have been craving for. All colors are available for you to exploit. And I bet this will definitely awaken the photographer inside you.

photography in september

weather conditions in Leh Ladakh in September allows you to capture all of that. It’s a dream come true for a photographer. And if you are one, always plan your travel in September. Instagram will love you for taking this decision.

9) You Can Spot Wildlife Too

In the scarce conditions of Ladakh, you can also spot some wildlife on your trip. For all those wildlife enthusiasts would definitely know about the migratory season.

Also, this is the time when animals come down from high mountain peaks as winter starts to set in. This is also a good time to see winter migratory birds which arrive in Sept – Oct. And if you are lucky enough, how about spotting a Snow Leopard.

wildlife in september

Snow Leopard is also called as the “ghosts of the mountain”. This is because they are so rarely spotted. They spend most of their lives in solitude. Leh Ladakh September weather allows you to trek high mountain reaches to spot this amazing cat.

snow leopard in september

This is also the month in which Hemis national park can be visited. You can spot lots of wildlife like Wild Yak, Marmot, Red fox, Ladakh urial, musk deer, etc. Don’t forget the state animal of Ladakh, the ibex.

10) Ladakh Festival And Other Events in September

Ladakh Festival is one of the few non-monastic events that provide you the first-hand experience of the rich cultural heritage of Ladakh. Another big event is the Ladakh Marathon happens at this time of the year.

The marathon attracts many enthusiastic tourists and adventure lovers. What a good way to achieve an extra mile by participating in such events.

Ladakh festival dance september

Ladakh festival is filled with events like masked dancing, singing, traditional music, traditional Ladakhi food, and dresses. This one-week long event also has ancient games like polo and archery.

The climate of Leh Ladakh in September allows for a full-fledged marathon. The Ladakh Marathon is the highest and amongst the toughest marathons in the world. For an enthusiast, you should arrive in Leh at least a week in advance to acclimatize for the race day.

archery competition in september

This is a high endurance marathon that requires years of practice, will, and determination. Running at 3500m above sea level makes it even more so important to acclimatize to the high altitude.

You can buy so many handmade goods made by artisans in small far-flung villages.

Bonus Reason

Less Pollution And Trafic Jam in Leh Ladakh in September

Yes, you heard it right. Due to so much influx of people in 2 months’ time, the city is full of vehicles. In the small alleyways of Ladakh, there is such high traffic that traffic jams are always there. Horns blasting their way into your ears and stalled traffic invites pollution.

leh ladakh in september

Therefore to avoid the madness, it is best to plan travel during September. There are very fewer vehicles, traffic is perfect, highways are empty and less pollution. The climate in Leh Ladakh in September is also best and allows you to enjoy every bit of it has to offer.

It is also the best time for treks. Not much snow on very high altitudes, especially Stok kangri, makes the sport a bit easier.


You can discover more and more reasons to visit Ladakh in September. It has got diverse things to do and to lots of places to visit in remote areas. The question still really is whether we are able to get rid of our comfort of summers.

nubra valley

The temperature of Leh Ladakh in September is on the chilly side. But, it makes the experience of real Ladakh, in its entirety, a real and genuine experience.

In true sense, travel is not to visit or to see things or to reach a destination. But to have a journey that is full of experiences and learnings to change your inner self-being.

Keep exploring and riding…

“The most important thing is to have a good relationship with the bike… you have to understand what she wants. I think of a motorcycle as a woman, and I know that sounds silly, but it’s true.” – Valentino Rossi

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