Nubra Valley Travel Guide

Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley Travel Guide

Nubra Valley is located on the ancient Silk Route that connected South to Central Asia. It is a popular scenic location in Ladakh. It is also a blend of a barren terrain as well as a striking land close to the Shoyok River. A valley is also a place for growing crops. There are several villages here boasting with the vibrant culture of Ladakh. For those yearning to explore the tiny colorful hamlets of Ladakh and immersing in the scenic aura of this place, Nubra Valley is a great attraction to visit. So during your trip to Ladakh, make sure to visit Nubra Valley and below is all you need to know before heading towards this charming attraction!


Nubra Valley

Nubra and Shyok River coming together created Nubra Valley. It demarcates the mountain ranges of Himalayas and Karakoram. While there is a part of this valley which is just barren land, the area near to the Shoyok River is quite gorgeous and stunning. For irrigation, people use the fertile area and there are also lovely apricot flowers that you can spot all around the land by the river which makes Nubra Valley the valley of flowers.

Best Time to Visit

June to September are the perfect months to take a trip to Nubra Valley as during these months you can enjoy the pleasant weather as compared to the chilly and problematic climate of Ladakh in winters.

How to Reach

Nubra Valley

The best way to reach Nubra Valley is via road. You have to hire a cab from Leh to arrive at the valley. There are quite fewer local transports available here. The closest railway station is Jammu and the nearest airport is Leh. For those traveling by bus, you have to avail a cab from Leh to Nubra Valley since there are no bus services provided at this place.

Places to Visit

Nubra Valley

The tiny hamlets of Nubra Valley are significant ones to visit here. These villages include Diskit, Turtuk, Khalsar, Khardung, Charasa, and Sasoma. Diskit is a beautiful village. It has striking Diskit Monastery from where you can soak in the amazing landscape of this valley and Turtuk is the last hamlet close to the Pakistan border. Further, Panamik is a famous attraction popular for its hot sulfur springs. There are also many monasteries situated in and around this valley like Ensa Gompa, Samstemling Gompa, and Sumur Monastery. Hunder is also an amazing attraction for those who want to camp in Nubra Valley.

Activities to Do

Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley offers camping, local village expeditions, spiritual tours and exploring the landscape that it is richly blessed with! Take a trip to the villages and you will be totally charmed by the culture of Ladakh and its vibrant locals! You can also go camping at Hunder as well as Diskit and other sites. Moreover, visit the Buddhist monasteries located here and seek the spiritual aura of Ladakh which will augment your travel time with peace and tranquility.

Hence, Nubra Valley is a gorgeous Ladakh attraction filled with the beautiful vivid villages and a landscape worth drooling at! The above-given details will surely help you find your way around the valley and discover it in all its lovely colors! Happy Journey!

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