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Try These Offbeat Things to Do in Ladakh

Try These Offbeat Things to Do in Ladakh

Ladakh is one of the first things to pop-up when one thinks of India’s adventure destinations. It has emerged as a popular travel destination over the years. There is a great deal of information about its famed sites as well as local tour operators who can take you there. Although Ladakh is a famous site for sightseeing and photography, it is difficult to find activities off the beaten path to pursue while you’re there. What were a few of the offbeat things to do in Ladakh?

Things to Do in Ladakh

Here are some of the best things to do in Ladakh on your next trip.

1. Camping in Leh Ladakh 

Leh, located in the far north of the Indian mainland, is the ultimate destination for every wanderer. It is challenging, arid, barren in most places, and daunting, which means many are drawn to it. The largest and the main city of Ladakh is inaccessible for 4–5 months (May–September), which accounts for its notoriety as a popular destination in the Himalayan region. 

Leh is the perfect spot for your camping activities, so make sure you are there without wasting any time. Camping in Leh Ladakh can be one of the most offbeat things to do in Leh Ladakh. Of all the fun activities and adventures that you could ever try in Ladakh, camping is the most popular. None of the other activities in Leh possesses the variety of colors that camping in Ladakh does.

These meticulously designed camps located in the Leh district are known for their enjoyable camping grounds and their friendly hospitality services. Alongside the perfect trip in the mountains, the Leh Ladakh experience also furthermore comes with guided tours and trips that further enrich your trip.

Ladakh campers have been slated as some of the more well-known camp destinations in the whole Ladakh region. We strongly advise tourists to spend some time figuring out what the very best-rated Ladakh camps in this region of Ladakh are. 

Bikamp Adventures offers the most popular camping experiences in the region!

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FREE Parking

Bike Rentals, Permits, Taxi Hire

Trekking & Rafting Packages

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Pet Friendly

Horse Riding (Chargeable)

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2. Camp at Uletokpo   

You do not wish to slow down to live in the city of Uletokpo and take part in an expedition to the jungle. Prescribed shelter facilities await you along the road, and a zone of the forest is right on your doorstep. Unwind in the soothing silence of the morning as you watch the sunlight cast its golden light on the land. Tucked 60 kms south of Leh city, on the Leh-Srinigar highway, tourists chiefly stop by here to get acclimated to high altitude and climatic conditions. With Uletokpo as your base camp, you can also decide on taking a 2 to 3 hour trek to the Rizong Monastery.

Another popular destination in Uletokpo is the 11th century Yundrung Monastery located in Lamayuru Village. Enjoy the ancient paintings, ornate wood carvings and bronze statues of Buddha.

3. Soul Search with Vipassana

Get some inner peace by joining a Vipassana camp and meditating in nature. Rip yourself free from any turmoil and get away from everything. There are many monasteries and camps that offer 3-day courses for novices as well as advanced programs.  

4. Experience a Day in the Life of Lamas

Ladakh’s temples and cliffs attract tourists on account of their outstanding beauty. As there are four chief monasteries in Ladakh, you can choose to get one to stay at: Hemis, Taktsang, Lamadura or Thiksey. Careful planning is required for your Ladakh tour if you want to stay at these monasteries, for they have ready for you accommodations complete with food. Delve deeper into the fantastic life of Lamas by closely examining their modest routine, highlight and admire their exceptional behaviour, and meet a person whose way of living you’ve never encountered. From these monasteries, you will get away for an experience you will never forget.

5. Watch Exotic Birds at the Tso Moriri

Watching exotic birds at the Tso Moriri is among the most popular things to do in Leh Ladakh. Grab your binoculars and head over to the Tso Moriri for birding. Located in the Changthang region, the forest contains a plethora of bird species. Here you may find the Bar-Headed Goose, Red Crested Pochard, Crested Grebe and the Brahmini Duck, among others.

A haven for shutterbugs, the picturesque view of Purga Village and the Tsomoriri leave you wanting more. On the way to Tsomoriri, enjoy a leisurely walk through the verdant countryside of Purga Village.

6.Visit the Turtuk Village

A part of the Silk Road , the Turtuk Village community in India is considered one of the most pristine locations in the region . The area gained notoriety as a tourist destination in 2010 and now is open to visitors, although its predominantly Muslim inhabitants were re-captured by the army of India in 1971. Surrounded by landscapes untouched by commercial tourism, this spot exudes an atmosphere of sinuous beauty. Located 160 km from the holy city of Leh, Turtuk is a low altitude town (3,000 meters above sea level) principally inhabited by the Balti people. Fields made of wheat, a lingering scent in the air of apricots, and rhythmic sounds of rushing water provide a truly spiritually satisfying experience. It usually takes 2 hours to reach Turtuk by car from Nubra Valley.  

7. Relax at the Chumathang  Hot Springs

Ladakh’s high altitude and high elevation make it difficult for travelers who aren’t experienced. On top of that, it can become quite tiresome and challenging to hikers who explore Ladakh on foot. Stop by the Chumathang Village for rest and relaxation in the hot springs of the Indus.

The warmth of these sulphur-water springs is a natural cure for altitude sickness and can serve as a relaxing break from a long, tiring drive. You can also eat some local dishes at the dhabas lined up along the springs.

Hope you enjoyed reading this interesting article. Make sure to try these offbeat things to do in Ladakh with your travel buddy, partners, family and friends.

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