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How To Do Sariska Safari Booking?

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Sariska National Park has gradually become one of the most popular tourist destinations near Delhi. Especially for weekend travelers and wildlife enthusiasts looking for a peaceful holiday. But, in current times when time is the most valuable thing, it becomes more important to plan your trip in as little time as possible. So, here is your guide on how to do Sariska Safari Booking?

There are 3 ways of doing Sariska national park safari booking. All have their own pros and cons. I will make it easy for you by providing as many details as I can to help you with that.

So first and the foremost – Sariska Safari Booking Online

Due to the increasing rush, the Rajasthan Forest department has launched a website on which you can book Sariska safari online. So, there is no need to stand in those long lines only to find out everything is booked.

It is always better to plan in advance and book the safari through the website itself.

The Official Government Forest Department Website link is

how to do sariska safari booking

There are many other websites which do offer safari booking online. But above is the official government website on which you can book a safari.

Then further click on to link on the top right which says SSO Login. This is the link

how to do sariska safari booking


You need to register on the website. If you already have a login, then login to your account. For those who need to register a new account. Click on the Registration tab. There are 5 ways of registering your account including Facebook and Google. Choose anyone, fill in all required details and finish.

Now, you can log in to the account using your login details.

home page of rajasthan forest website

Click on Forest and Wildlife option. On this screen, click on Wildlife Ticket Booking Services which will be on your left panel. There will be a lot of options which will open. Just click the Advanced Wildlife Ticket Booking link.

how to book sariska safari booking

Booking Options

In the center of the screen, you first have to select the tiger reserve you want to book. You have 3 options to choose from

sariska safari booking

In Sariska, there are 2 options. Sariska Gate and Tehla Gate. Tehla is on the south side of the national park. Even though you can enter the wildlife sanctuary from Tehla, but almost 80% of the safari happens from the Sariska gate itself.

Also, it depends upon the accommodation you have booked. In any case, you can select as per your convenience which is nearer to your resort.

The great route and the shift dilemma

Now you have to choose the route number.

sariska routes

Don’t get too involved in which route is the best for tiger sighting and all. The routes are divided between the number of vehicles available. The tiger sighting totally is a matter of luck. You might or might not get to see the tiger. But the idea of a wildlife safari is to see the animals in their natural habitat.

Sariska National Park has at least 30,000 animals of different species. It also has a very rich birdlife which includes migratory birds from far lands as well.

Further, select the date of your travel and shift you are planning to visit.


Now, this is again a part of a big debate. Which one is the best timing? As a thumb rule, the evening shift is better in winters and morning time is better in summers. You don’t need to know any more than that. Just select as per your choice and itinerary of travel.

Now select the type of vehicle you need. There are 2 options, Gypsy or Canter.

online booking wildlife

Gypsy is usually used for a smaller group of people. The officials can accommodate only 6 persons per jeep. You can either opt for a shared seat or hire a full gypsy for you. It depends upon your budget and your personal preference for travel.

Canter is used for larger groups. A maximum of 20 persons is allowed in 1 canter. Furthermore, once you select the type of vehicle, you need to give all the details asked about each traveler. Their name, gender, nationality, ID type, and number, etc as per the screenshot below.

options for booking

Fill in all your details and you are good to go. Just pay your amount online and your question of how to do Sariska safari booking is finally answered.

Pros –

  • Your booking is assured in advance.
  • Much better planning of the trip.

Cons –

  • You will be allotted jeeps/canters as a first come first serve basis.
  • Cancellation is not possible or cumbersome.

Secondly – You can book through Travel Agents

Another way of booking the Sariska safari is through travel agents.

They do charge a bit higher but some of them are really good. It boils down to whether you need more services to be organised by an agent. They can also book resorts, camps, etc on your behalf. They can also manage the itinerary and arrange for a pickup etc.

Some agents also have well-experienced naturalists who will give you all the knowledge about the are, the animals and the forest itself. These naturalists join you on the safari and will even help you sight a tiger.

There is a hidden notion, if you keep the naturalist happy, he will give you a guaranteed sighting. Who knows the truth behind this?

Pros –

  • Better experience
  • Full itinerary managed

Cons –

  • It’s costly

Thirdly – Do it yourself from safari booking window

Some few years back before online booking, this was the most popular way of Sariska safari booking.

Earlier the best way was to just reach Sariska, book safari for the next day and that’s it. If you are lucky you can get it the same day as well.

Even today there are lots of people who still feel to try their luck. Not to mention it is still one of the cheapest ways. And you might get friends with the jeep driver and guide.

Pros –

  • It is cheap

Cons –

  • Not sure about the availability
  • Get seats only in free jeeps
  • Your experience may get hampered


I hope that I have covered all the relevant information you might need for Sariska National Park Safari booking.

May you have any specific questions, kindly message below. I will be happy to answer them.

Keep Camping.

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