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Why Ladakh is the perfect destination for nature lovers?

Words and photographs can’t do justice to the mesmerizing landscapes of Ladakh, and it has some of the most breathtaking places in the world. Located on the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges, Ladakh always has cool weather around the year.  The scenic beauty of Ladakh is unmatched, it is one of the best places for nature lovers in India. In fact, nature lovers from all around the world travel to explore this heaven on earth! 

Discover Leh Ladakh: Some places with spectacular scenic beauty are

  • Pangong Lake
    One of the legendary lakes of Ladakh, the Pangong Lake is the world’s highest saltwater lake, its waters having an average depth of 4,350 feet. The waters of this lake are crystal clear, with the water having an almost unnatural blue appearance. The lake spans over 160 kilometers in length, and one-third of the lake is in India, while the remaining two-thirds are in China.

Pangong Lake is known to have different colors at different times because of variables that affect the placement of the sun. Any trip to Ladakh is ruined without going to Pangong Lake to admire its stunning magnificence. The magnificence of the region cannot be seen or felt by anyone else. In the summer, the lake completely freezes and becomes a thick mass of ice.

  • Tso Moriri Lake

Also, known as the Mountain Lake due to its serene and beautiful nature. The Tso Moriri Lake is situated at an elevation of 4,595 metres above sea level and is a tranquil destination in the Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary. The lake’s length is 28 kilometres, and its average depth is 100 feet. There are many camps in the vicinity of the Tso Moriri Lake where vacationers can explore the area.

  • The Drang Drung Glacier

It is the largest glacier accessible to the public in Ladakh, and is 23 kilometers in total length. It looks like a long winding river of ice that is nestled between tall mountains. The glacier is the source of the river Doda and the river Stod. The trail allows the visitor to admire the mountain ranges and the greens of the river valleys.

Reasons why Ladakh is great for nature lovers

  • Unspoilt and Magnificent landscapes
  • Peaceful and serene environment
  • Vast variety of flora and fauna
  • Opportunities for trekking, camping and mountaineering:

Ladakh is also known as the “land of passes,” since it has countless passes, which are a source of tourism and natural splendor. 

Aside from adding scenic beauty of Ladakh, passes have priceless cultural and historical value because they were utilized by travelers in ancient times to access the far lands in the east and the west. Travelers and financiers would carry their wares through these passes, and reach a previously inaccessible, far-away country quickly. Not only for trade, these passes were also used by India.

The Khardung La Pass and the steep Marsimik La Pass are very popular mountain passes that offer unforgettable experiences and fantastic vistas of the whole area. Since they are off-limits to cars, check ahead of time before heading up either pass.

On a trip to Leh from Srinagar or Manali, you are likely to see a lot of passes. Some passes are simple streets, while some are well-known tourist spots with restaurants, rest stops, and monuments nearby.


Tips to keep in mind while visiting the mountain passes:

  • Tourists are encouraged to visit the passes between April and October as the weather and the views are optimal during this period. The passes are easy to access, and the journey is fun during this time.
  • Since we are at extremely high altitudes, there’s very little oxygen in the air and very little air pressure. Visitors are prone to suffering Altitude Mountain Sickness. Dispense with the Khardung La in no more than 20 minutes because of the height and small number of oxygen supplies there.
  • Spending three to five days immersed in Leh’s unique altitude will help visitors adjust quickly to the high-altitude conditions before starting their ascents of the mountain passes.
  • Most mountain passes have an intriguing backstory, and travelers may hire tour guides to help them examine the routes in greater detail.
  • Carry a lot of water, warm sweater, sunglasses, and motion sickness medicine such as Diamox, and other necessary things. 

In conclusion, Ladakh is the perfect destination for nature lovers because of its many natural attractions. With its snow-capped mountains, turquoise lakes, and serene valleys, Ladakh offers an abundance of opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing. The region’s hospitable people and relaxed lifestyle make it the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.Leh Ladakh is a whole other feel in itself and no other trip can be like the one done to Leh Ladakh. As it is said that “ Once in a lifetime you must visit Leh Ladakh”.

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