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Camping in Ladakh: The Ultimate Guide

Looking for useful tips for camping in Ladakh. Ladakh is an exquisite region found in the northernmost area of India, encircled by majestic Himalayas and breathtaking Karakoram mountain ranges. Ladakh is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, distinctive culture, and thrilling … Read More

How to plan a Leh Ladakh trip?

Leh is a destination that provides a wide variety of things to do. When you plan a Leh Ladakh  trip, it can be a challenge! There are several factors that you need to consider including the best time of year … Read More

Why budget hotels are a good option in Ladakh

Finding a budget hotel in central Leh is not a huge task. Finding one with a budget to match as well is very easy. Lately this small town has been among the most talked-about tourist spots in our country. Come … Read More

Why Ladakh is the perfect destination for nature lovers?

Words and photographs can’t do justice to the mesmerizing landscapes of Ladakh, and it has some of the most breathtaking places in the world. Located on the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges, Ladakh always has cool weather around the year.  … Read More

Shanti Stupa: A Beacon of Peace in Ladakh

Ladakh is close to Jammu and Kashmir, a terrain that draws adventure enthusiasts from around the world. Rocky landscapes, arid deserts, majestic mountain peaks, and snow cover stand there as motivation for those of us who plan to go to … Read More

Trekking in Ladakh National Park: The best routes

Ladakh offers some glorious and memorable trekking opportunities for tourists. This Himalayan locale is a haven for those seeking adventure in the lap of mountains and peaks. There are a lot of options when it comes to Leh Ladakh trekking, … Read More

7 Reasons to Choose Ladakh as Your Next Holiday

Haven’t you visited Leh Ladakh yet? Or haven’t found any solid reasons to visit Leh Ladakh? Leh Ladakh is a region located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, in the northernmost part of India. It is often called “the … Read More

Famous Places In Ladakh For A Spellbinding Vacation In The Year 2022

Famous Places In Ladakh For A Spellbinding Vacation In The Year 2022

Located in a huge and striking environment, Ladakh is a land abundant in stunning physical features with various famous places to visit. It is known as “Little Tibet” because it is located in a spectacular setting bordered by the world’s … Read More

Try These Offbeat Things to Do in Ladakh

Try These Offbeat Things to Do in Ladakh

Ladakh is one of the first things to pop-up when one thinks of India’s adventure destinations. It has emerged as a popular travel destination over the years. There is a great deal of information about its famed sites as well … Read More

Leh Ladakh Road Trip: An Unbelievable Drive In India

Leh Ladakh Road Trip: An Unbelievable Drive In India

A Leh Ladakh road trip sets your imagination alight, as it is not in the least difficult to accomplish. Ladakh’s spectacular, starlit skies, its blue-colored waters, and rainbows illuminate the earth. Leh Ladakh’s iconic tourist destinations, such as the highest … Read More

Top 5 Tips for a Budget Trip to Leh Ladakh in 2022

Top 5 Tips for a Budget Trip to Ladakh in 2022

The magical serenity of Zanskar, Buddhist Monasteries, splendid landscapes, and famous beauty of Leh Ladakh are factors that fuel the attraction of all guests for a journey to the wonderland. However, it is really important to ensure that you have … Read More

nubra valley

Nubra Valley: Everything You Need To Know About

Nubra Valley Nubra Valley Leh is one of the top places to visit in Leh Ladakh. The name Nubra came from the Tibetan word Ldumra which means “the valley of flowers”. And indeed it is. This tri armed valley is … Read More

pangong lake guide

Pangong Lake In Ladakh (Complete Guide)

Pangong Lake In Ladakh – Intro Ladakh trip is not complete without visiting this mesmerising and vast lake landlocked within the Himalayas. Popularised by Bollywood, today Pangong Lake in Ladakh is a must-visit attraction when visiting Ladakh. When you enter … Read More

places to visit leh ladakh

Places To Visit Leh Ladakh With 15 Secret Places (Guide)

Searching for places to plan your next holiday getaway is such a chicken and egg thing, right? There’s so much to see but so less time and when there’s time you don’t know what to do. But this time why … Read More

How To Get The Inner Line Leh Permit For Ladakh?

Leh Ladakh’s visit is rendered incomplete if all the tourist place are not visited. Some of the protected area which was earlier open to the public now require an inner line permit Leh. These areas in India are located near … Read More

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